How to reduce the cost of wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore

It could be very expensive for wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore if the
wisdom tooth is impacted, the cost be > 600 per tooth in the private clinic. You may try the following steps to reduce the bill more than 50% if you are SG or PR.

Step 1: Visit Polyclinic and get a refer letter.

Step 2: Visit public hospital to do surgery with the refer letter.

That’s it.

I did a wisdom tooth extraction surgery before at NUH, the cost was 200+ for 1 impacted wisdom tooth with refer letter.

Recently, I visited again for my another wisdom tooth. For my first visit, consultation 81, x-ray 42, subsidy 81, paid 50. Feel grateful.

//An impacted wisdom tooth may partially emerge so that some of the crown is visible (partially impacted), or it may never break through the gums (fully impacted).