Smartcity.sg started doing software development for fun since 2008, and it will keep doing it.

The first product is “Arrived, wake up!”. When passenger arrives the destination MRT station, the app will wake up the passenger by playing annoy noise. The app is windows mobile based, as at that time, the developer did not even know about Android yet. The app can identify the current location based on the Telco’s base station Id,  unbelievable but true, it is not based on GPS.

The second  product is Currency Converter, the app has both English version and Chinese version. The developer implemented it as a hello world  program in order to learn Android development, unfortunately, after 5 years until today, the developer is still maintaining the app by fixing crashs.

The third product is “Transport Fare Saver (NFC)”. It’s an Android application, which can read Singapore CePAS card, and help the passenger to count down the 45 mins transfer period, in order to continue the Journey without starting a new trip, so the passenger can get transfer rebate. Money wise.

The Fourth product is Singapore TOTO. Unlike all other TOTO apps available in the market, from that day until today, this Singapore TOTO app is really unique,  as it can read the TOTO numbers using OCR. Well, some of you may not know what OCR is, OCR uses camera to read the TOTO numbers, and then tell the patron how many TOTO numbers are matched. However one day the developer thought it might not be a practical app as instead of buying 7 tickets of ordinary 6, why not just buying  one system 7? and even the app shows 2 numbers matched, for sure, the patron will use his human eyes to double check/confirm.  Anyway, this app is for fun, and fun is always meaningful.

The Fifth product is Singapore Stock Viewer. One day, the developer got an idea, and wanted to develop his own super powerful toolkit to beat Mr Market via different kinds of technical analysis and fundamental analysis via mobile phone automatically. In the end, he was beaten by Mr Market, however his mobile app still survive in Google Play with half life remains, and the developer is planning to revive this app in 2018.